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Custom Lift and Shift

The lift and shift combines the standard tool tray transfer linear motion with a mechanical lift. The mechanical lift occurs when a lower carriage runs an upper carriage against a fixed linear guideway.  As the lower carriages …


LazerArc Tool Tray Transfer Expansion

In order to accommodate the demand in automation, LazerArc has been fortunate to find the need to expand our shop facilities to assemble our Tool Tray Transfer units.
LazerArc Tool Tray Transfer Systems – Linear Transfer Systems combine excellent accuracy …


7th Axis Slide – Robot Transfer Unit

In order to address the needs of robot integrators, Lazerarc is eager to manufacture the 7th Axis Slide or READ MORE

The New LazerArc Division of Motion Index Drives

Today more and more customers are coming to us for our expertise in the field of heavy duty custom automation equipment to solve their…


Single Axis Weld Positioning System with Control Panel

The trunnion shown has the ability to be adjusted to different length settings to accommodate your tooling requirements. In addition the tail stock…


Lift and Rotate Indexers

LazerArc RTCL Lift and Rotate series indexers are utilized for applications that require 2 axis positioning. The system can be manufactured to have complete flexibility to be controlled with servo motors or AC motors with absolute encoder or they can be manufactured to have fixed degree of rotating and fixed linear movement.


Multi-Axis Welding Positioner

The Multi-Axis Welding Positioner provides a superior accuracy, index time, and flexibility to meet the demands of modern automation systems.


TR Series HeadStock Tailstock

The low backlash gear heads rotate tooling on a horizontal axis at less than 1 arc minute and are capable of mounting any servo motor or ac motor with encoder. It is equipped with a large thru hole making it capable of running customer required utilities such as pneumatic, hydraulic or electric.


Tool Tray Transfer System

We utilize the highest precision guide rails, rack and pinion system. We utilize a closed loop motor control system with high index speed capability and versatility to meet any automation challenge.