H-Frames facilitates a dual workpiece configuration with an added vertical rotation sweep axis to maximize arc time. It provides two separate areas that allow one side to be dedicated to robotic operations and another for loading workpieces by the operator. Each component is rotated on a horizontal axis between a headstock and tailstock unit that precisely positions the piece for the robot to work on.

The DR-TR 3-axis H-Frame robot weld positioning system offers a zero-backlash servo driven cam system that does not require additional wedge lock or shot pin systems to achieve high accuracy on the (zero) exchange axis. Thes H-Frame trunnion positioning systems utilize the TR Series servo gear head with high torque capacity. For the dual trunnion headstocks, allows for a 2 second 180° rotation on a load of up to 4000lbs per side and 3 meters between faceplates.


  • Main Exchange Axis is High Precision Cam Indexer
  • Large 4 point Contact Bearing – For High Tilting  Moments
  • Slight Design Modifications – Standard to LazerArc
  • Repeatability of 6 arc seconds
  • Large Center Thru Hole in Main Exchange – Running  Utilities to Satellite Trunnions is Easy
  • Thru Holes in Tailstock Running Utilities to Fixtures


  • Grounding Systems for Welding
  • Backbones – Frames
  • Headstock Through Holes
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Slip Rings and Rotary Unions
  • Robot Pedestal in Center of Main Exchange


Our Three-Axis H-Frame Positioning System is meticulously engineered to meet the advanced requirements of automation engineers and weld process engineers, offering exceptional control and precision for complex tasks in industries like aerospace parts, automotive components, consumer products, and pipeline production. This system elevates the manufacturing process with its robust three-axis control, enabling precise handling and positioning of large, intricate assemblies, which is pivotal for:


The H-Frame positioner transforms laser cutting operations, allowing for intricate cuts on large-scale components with unmatched accuracy. Its three-axis maneuverability ensures that even the most complex patterns are executed flawlessly, reducing material waste and enhancing the detail and quality of the finished product. This precision is vital for industries requiring intricate designs and tight tolerances.


This system is a game-changer for laser welding, providing the stability and precision needed for high-quality welds on complex assemblies. Its ability to adjust and maintain optimal angles and distances for the laser welder ensures deep penetration and consistent weld quality across the workpiece, which is crucial for achieving strong, reliable joints in critical applications.


The three-axis H-Frame positioner excels in TIG welding, offering superior control for welding intricate parts with precision. Its ability to smoothly manipulate the workpiece in three dimensions allows for optimal welding angles and access to difficult-to-reach areas, resulting in high-quality, aesthetically pleasing welds that meet stringent industry standards.