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LazerArc by Motion Index Drives was established to cater to the evolving needs of our customers in the dynamic field of automation technology by providing robust and heavy-duty robotic weld positioners. Our commitment to meeting your requirements is reflected in the expansion of our service capabilities and product lines which now encompass robotic part positioners and multi-axis welding positioners. These solutions seamlessly integrate with a diverse range of robot or motor brands, offering you the flexibility to choose the system that aligns with your needs.

Key Benefits of using positioners in manufacturing

Better Access to Tooling or Parts

Positioners enable robots to reach and manipulate tools or parts more effectively, improving the overall efficiency of the production process.

Reduced Floor Footprint

The integration of positioners helps optimize floor space, as multiple workstations can be created without the need for additional robots.

Ease of Part Removal

Positioners facilitate easy removal of finished parts, streamlining the workflow and reducing downtime.

Flexibility for Multi-Stations

Positioners provide companies with the flexibility to incorporate multi-stations, allowing production staff to switch between tasks more efficiently and with minimal downtime.

Why choose a robotic welding positioner?

Robotic Part Positioners play a pivotal role in granting 360° access to tooling when a robot exceeds its rotational limits. By managing the rotation of parts, these positioners enable the robot to achieve complete access to workpieces situated beyond its inherent range of motion.

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How to select a robot part positioner for
your application

Selecting the appropriate positioner and components is a pivotal decision for manufacturers seeking enhanced flexibility to elevate weld quality and reduce cycle times.

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Applying Robotic Weld Positioners in your industry